Picture Planner: Icon-based personal planning


Picture Planner has three main views: the Day View, the Week View, and the Month View. You use these views to look at, build, and change your activities.

When Picture Planner starts, it takes you to the Week View. Click on the graphic below to see a full-size version of the Week View.

week view thumbnail

To build an activity you first select a time by clicking once in a square. Each of the squares in the Week View shown above represents a one-hour block of time.

Suppose you wanted to build a new activity on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. right after bowling. You would click once on the 9:00 icon. Picture Planner asks what type of activity you'd like to build by presenting you with all of your activity icons.

After you've selected a type of activity, a What, in Picture Planner's terms, you can add items in the other categories (Who, Where, How, Cost, Bring, Clothes). More specifically the categories are: Who will be doing the activity with you?, Where will the activity take place?, How will you get there?, What does the activity Cost?, What should you Bring?, and What Clothes should you wear? You may add as many items in each category as you would like.

Visit our Help section, especially the Using Picture Planner section, to learn more about the features of Picture Planner.



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