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Our site supports multiple methods of access, including:

Browsers named within this page are linked to a Browser links area near the end of this page for more information.


  • Quick Text links
    Selecting a Quick Text link will give table- and graphic- free information, with all text equivalents and summaries available, for any page on this site. This also has a user setting link that allows for low-fuss changing of text size and color combinations. Pages are created as the Quick Text link is selected, giving readers the most current information available. This is a nice printing option as well. Quick Text links can be found near the end of each page.
  • Navigation

    Our site uses headings to outline each page. If using a web reader that can jump from heading to heading, such as IBM Home Page Reader, this gives a true outline and summary of each page, allowing visitors to quickly skim the main ideas of each page without having to listen to the whole document.

    Skip Links:
    When returning to the main menu, links are provided to skip directly to our site menu within the page. This is important if using software to read the page: the skip link avoids repeating content every time the menu is used. Links are also provided to return to page beginnings, where the return to main menu link is located.
  • Graphics
    can be turned off and on when using the Opera browser by pressing "G" on your keyboard or similar. This will display only the text-equivalent descriptions given for images along with the rest of the text in the page.
  • Enlarging:
    With Opera, a default page scaling percentage can be set in "File > Preferences > Windows" or the current web page is also adjustable by pressing the plus, minus, and asterisk keys on the keyboard or equivalent.
  • Link presentation:
    Opera and other browsers can also be set to override document described link and font presentation styles, without having to create your own style sheet. Consult your browser's documentation for directions.
  • Style Sheets
    are directions given to your browser for how to display Web pages. They can be turned off at your convenience, or you can specify your own custom style sheet to use for all web pages as you browse. Consult your browser's documentation for directions.

To download a custom style sheet: while over the following link, Control-click (Mac) or Right-click (PC) and select the following option from the menu that appears ... the exact phrasing varies:

Save (or Download) link (or target) to disk (or as...)
high-contrast stylesheet

Alternative Browsing and Reading

Amaya Alternate View Window:
This alternate window view is very similar to using a text-only browser. This is also how the page would sound if using a Web reader.

The following links will take you to browser download pages:

[Get Opera!] .  [Get Amaya!]

IBM Home Page Reader: Feature-packed, spoken Internet/Web access for blind and visually impaired users. Browser interface and program installation is spoken as well. Also displays pages in standard visual format at the same time.



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